Find your lovers sign and you’ll find where they like to be touched…



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THE SENSITIVE AREA IS THE CALVES AND ANKLES. Touching, rubbing, kissing, or fondling this part of the anatomy will significantly arouse the Aquarius sexual desire. Absentmindedly caress the ankle, moving up the calf, to see how quickly Aquarius responds. Sponge these areas while they lie in the bath. Before lovemaking use your fingertips ever so gently stroking, starting at the ankles, and slowly make circles around the anklebone. Make long strokes up the calves to the knees, the area in the back of the calves is particularly sensitive. Even while making love, any position that allows contact with the calf and ankle will increase Aquarius’s sexual satisfaction.



THE FEET ARE THE SENSITIVE EROGENOUS ZONE. Grasp all five toes and bend them toward and then away from the ankle…ten times. Using the thumb and fingers, knead and rub the soles of the feet…then the top of the foot using lighter pressure. Gently kneed and pinch the Achilles tendon.  Grasp the foot with both hands and gently wring, starting near the toes and working your way up the ankle. To prepare for an erotic prelude …soak the feet in scented water, and use a lotion to caress the ankles lightly and all over the feet and toes. Pisces love their toes rubbed between the pads of your fingers, this will send very definite sexual messages. Pisces women are prone to enjoying using their feet to masturbate their lover and enjoy the same act when they to climax.



THE FACE AND HEAD ARE ESPECIALLY SENSITIVE, AS WELL AS THE HAIR AND SCALP. The Aries woman loves to have her hair and scalp brushed and played with. The man enjoys a nibble on the ear for a strong sexual message. Both sexes enjoy feather light strokes of the lips with the fingertips, and gentle kisses to their closed eyelids. For preparing for love, start at the base of the neck with your fingers and work your way up the head to the top of the scalp. Use a light but firm pressure vibrating and rotating gently in its travels.



THE THROAT AND THE NECK. Light touching and kissing to this area and fondling of this zone will raise a Tureen’s temperature. When tying a Taurus mans tie touch his neck gently. Brushes the back of a Taurus womanizes neck in an affectionate gesture, as well as gentle kisses and bites to the back of the neck and throat. While Taurus lies on the back gently rub the back of the neck and earlobes using circular motions down to the collarbone. Repeat until the entire front of neck is massaged. Taurus likes to also lay on their stomach while you trace vertical paths from the hairline to the top of the spine using your fingertips to vibrate the flesh and muscles.



THE ARMS AND HANDS ARE VERY RECEPTIVE TO EROTIC STIMULI. Light touches and kisses and fingertip brushes to this area will send shivers of delight down a Gemini’s spine. The woman is partial to hand kissers and the man to stroking of their hands. As a prelude to love making, try gently kissing the inside of your Gemini’s arms, starting with his or her fingertips and moving up to the armpits. Grip the wrists gently with both signs and in a gentle wringing motion rotate each in the opposite direction, working your way up to the armpits vibrating the flesh and muscles using a circular motion on the skin with your fingertips.



BREASTS ARE MORE SENSITIVE TO A CANCER THAN MOST. All women and men respond of this sign especially enjoy oral and manual manipulation of the nipples. Soft caresses, gentle bites, and kisses on this area, rubbing your hands over the area ever so slight will ignite passions in either sex. To massage the breast and chest area erotically, begin by placing two fingers on Cancers clavicle. Using feather light pressure, gently vibrate the flesh of each breast. Then stroke each nipple with the tip of one finger. Gently stroke the areola around the nipple. Finally stroke each breast with your fingernails, just barely making contact with the flesh. This process will create urgent sexual desire in anyone with Cancer influence.



SWEEPING CARESSES OVER THE BACK AND SPINE. Sponge Leo’s back with a loofah sponge. Work gently along the spine, pausing in the small of the back, and then circle out to the ribs. Afterwards put talcum powder on Leo’s back rubbing it in and around softly. A back massage of any type concentrating on the spine and small of the back will immensely pleasure these souls. If they fall asleep lightly draw long lines with your fingertips or fingernails from shoulder to buttocks just barely touching flesh. Stroke down into the cleft between the buttocks. Leo will wake up fast.



THE ENTIRE STOMACH AREA IS RESPONSIVE TO EROTIC TOUCHING AND KISSING. While they are in the bath sponge this area with soap or a shower sprayer. Begin by gently stroking the abdomen, starting gently under the chest and going down to the top of the legs. Using a featherweight touch, Stroke long lines from the navel to the genitals with your fingertips, making smaller and smaller circles until you are at the rim of the navel. By this time Virgo is your slave.



THE SMALL OF THE BACK AND THE LOWER BACK AND THE BUTTOCKS. Sponge this area and focus on it in many ways similar to the above. Dancing or strolling together with Libra touching the erogenous zones greatly pleases them. Both sexes are extremely partial to having this area fondled, pinched, caressed, bit, patted, and pinched. Clutch one buttock in each hand and move them in a circular motion. With feather touches stroke each buttock lightly up and down, with fingernails too. Position hand so that fingers will land in the cleft between the buttocks, then Libra will be sexually aroused.



THE GENITALS ARE WHERE SEXUAL ENERGY IS EXCLUSIVELY FOCUSED AND CONCENTRATED light fingering of Scorpio’s genital area will turn him or her into a volcano of passion. The massage technique should focus on creating anticipation by starting further away and working your way in to the genital extremities, now and again lightly touching them as your touch passes by TEASING, slowly.



THE HIPS AND THIGHS ALL OVER IN ANY WAY. They enjoy caressing finger touching lightly, and kissing all around and along side of the thighs and around the hips. Give your Sagittarius a massage on the upper thighs with warm body oil. Use circular motions on the hips, and vertical strokes on the thighs. Begin stroking the outside of the thighs with four fingers, while exploring the inside of the thighs with your thumbs. Stroke upward towards the genitals. Then stroke the inside of the thighs with the palm of your hand. Use fingertips or fingernails to barely touch the skin, upward along the inner thigh so that your fingertips touch the thighs and your knuckles brush against the genitals. By this time erotic sensations are shooting up the spine of your Sagittarius.



THE KNEES AND ALL AROUND THAT AREA. Their slumbering passions lie in the fondling and kissing and stroking of the knees. Start your sensual massage in the small of the lower part of the back. Use your fingertips or fingernails, and stroke lightly, just touching the skin. Make long strokes from the lower back, down along the thighs, and onto the backs of the thighs, and onto the backs of the knees. Return the same way but this time shorten the stroke. Keep shortening the strokes until they are feather light and concentrated around the back of the knees. Another variation would be to use the tongue and lips in slow short circles on the skin around the knees. Capricorn is now Volcanic.